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North of 49 are a duo out of rural Alberta bringing back the songs, storytelling, and antics from the days when country was country.  Songs of Trubadours, Trains, and Turmoil of the Land paint the picture on this initial demo release (North of 49 - Take One) to create the atmosphere of what's to come from these boys in the future.  

Read on for more info on the memebers of North of 49...

Leeland Bachelet

Photo by Jessy Dawn

Leeland Bachelet grew up in Two Hills, Alberta. He grew up playing fiddle and guitar and performing from a young age. He released a live solo album in 2013.

Justin Sutton


Raised on the East Coast of Canada, Justin Sutton found it easy to begin pursuing music with such a vibrant scene for musicians where he grew up.  Early on, began focusing his time sculpting his trade for songwriting.   

These days settled into the prairies of Alberta, Canada;  Justin Sutton continues to craft his trade while making a living in the oilfields. 

"It's a fortunate time for country music. We're moving from the repetitiveness of mainstream radio and whether you call it Americana, Roots, or Red Dirt... it's country and it's damn good to see... There's no better time to get this show on the road."